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Aventuria Adventure Card Game (Revised 2Nd Ptg) (RPG)

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Gear up for Battle! Aventuria is a place where danger lurks behind every corner. You'll face vicious monsters, exciting adventures, or even ill-tempered companions suddenly challenging you to a duel! Collect weapons, armor, and magic spells. Learn special talents and unique abilities. And surprise your opponent with unexpected tricks!
Aventuria is a fast-paced card game for 1 to 4 players ages 14 and up. Each player takes control of a hero of Aventuria: the grim Dwarven Smith Arbosh, the nimble Elven Scout Layariel, the cunning Half-Elf Rogue Carolan, or the mysterious Tulamydian Mage Mirhiban.
Fight against each other in Duel Mode, or band together in the cooperative Adventure Mode to overcome challenging adventures as a group. Your Action cards give you the tools you need to fight dangerous villains or your fellow heroes, but be careful! Every turn you must make careful tactical decisions and react to your foes' actions.