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Aventuria Ship Of Lost Souls (RPG)

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A demon ark sent by Witch King Morda draws ever closer to the Aventurian coast. Its hold contains a Black Diamon ”a foul creature that is capable of giving birth to demons and undead ¦ and it's pregnant. You must stop the Ship of Lost Souls before it reaches land and disgorges the terrible creatures in its belly.
Ship of Lost Souls is the second expansion for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game. This box contains the thrilling, three-act adventure Ship of Lost Souls and the short adventure Rietholtz's Treasure. It also introduces a new hero ”Tjalva Garheltsdottir, a Thorwalian warrior ”who relies on her physical strength and battle prowess to smite her foes.
You need the Aventuria Base Set to play.
The second expansion for the exciting adventure card game set in the world of The Dark Eye
A new hero deck to add a player and expand your games
Two new adventures, including a thrilling, three-act adventure
High-quality, Euro-style card game
Adds a new hero deck (with 30 action cards and Life Point Display) to the game
87 new adventure cards (including Leaders, Henchmen, Rewards, and more)
16 special markers
Rules and Adventures booklet