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Alhambra Roll And Write


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.

Number of Players: 1-5

Playing Time: 45 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 8+

Granada - at the foot of the Sierra Nevada begins one of the most exciting projects in medieval Spain: the construction of the Alhambra.

The players build six different types of buildings: pavilions, seraglio, arcades, chambers, gardens and towers in different places. They will constantly compete with their fellow architects, since having the most of each building type will earn the most points at the end of the game.

In addition, extra points are awarded for the adjacent placement and thus completion of rows and columns. The player who uses the dice wisely and passes the right ones on to the other players will collect the most victory points and become the best builder.


  • 100 Player sheets (double-sided)
  • 25 Scoring sheets (double-sided)
  • 12 Dice (6 blue, 6 yellow)
  • With one player mode.