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Bidder Up [Table Top Game]

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From: Ravensburger

Number of Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 60 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 10+

The game of bargaining, bidding and bluffing Farmer wants a cow! Show off your best bargaining skills to increase the value of your farm animals on the open market or during the 10 unique auction events! Be stealthy as you try to trick your opponents during the auctions. Collect as many complete sets of animals and earn the most points to win!

Beginner and Advanced modes offer accessible game play experiences for both budding and seasoned farmers!


  • 1 two-sided game board (“Easy” and “Advanced”)
  • 50 bills of play money
  • 4 farmers (red, blue, yellow and white)
  • 1 spotted die
  • 4 farms (one in each of four colors)
  • 30 animals (3 per species: mother, father, and baby)
  • 10 auction signs
  • 1 supply board
  • 1 market board with 10 animal counters
  • 1 gavel
  • 1 bag containing 24 raffle tickets
  • 1 top prize (“egg-laying woolly milk pig”)
  • 6 IOUs (for the 2-player game)
  • Easy & advanced instructions
  • Auction guide