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Takara Island


From: Ferti

Number of Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 45 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 8+

In The Edict of King Budeaunia, the players search through six piles of tiles, looking for a hot spring.

At the beginning of the game, six piles of nine tiles each are placed on the game board. Each player has two actions each turn and can use these actions to either look at the top tiles in one pile; dig one tile (possibly earning points or money); employ new workers; or get speciality cards. Tiles can be anything from dirt to hard stone, monsters or treasures. The game ends when both hot spring tiles are found. If the same player found both, he wins automatically; if not, the player with the most points earned from various tiles wins.

Takara Island features the same gameplay as The Edict of King Budeaunia, but with a different setting and modified artwork.