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Freight Train [Table Top Game]

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From: Mayfair Games

: Alan R. Moon
Artist : Ralf E. Kahlert
            Todd Wade
Year Published : 1993
# of Players : 2 - 5
Playing Time : 90 minutes
Ages : 10 and Up

Anyone familiar with Get the Goods/Reibach and Co.. The theme here is running and organising a freight yard. There are three days (rounds) and at the end of each you score for having the longest or second longest train in each car type, or one mixed train in which the cars all have to be different. On the first day you also get one point for every 2 cars in your private holding yard. On the last day you get -1 point for each car still there.
During your turn you can choose to do one thing.

From a common pool of freight cars you choose 3 cars to add to your trains, matching types, or placing them in your own holding yard.
Pull 1 to 4 cars from your holding yard and add them to your trains (matching type)
Add another Locomotive and another opportunity to score. This can only be done once on the first and second day.
Rearrange your private yard. This action costs one victory point. Every time I have seen it used it was to avoid taking cars in the last round which would have to be put into the private yard.

This game will take up a lot of table space.