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Rocket Age: Imperial Jupiter [Recommended]

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From: Whynot

Explore the Jovian System with Imperial Jupiter! Inside this supplement for Rocket Age, you will find information, NPCs, and story hooks for not just the gas giant, but six of its moons. See the ice fields of Callisto! Travel through the Great Forest of Ganymede! Fight mutants on the blasted moon of Io! DiSCover the secrets of Almathea! Learn the secrets of the Europans! Visit Metis and meet the new client species of the Europans! Imperial Jupiter offers more than just an expansion of the Solar System of Rocket Age. Three new species, the Yeti of Callisto, the Thebans, and the Anankians are added to the family of sophonts. New equipment options include Erisian artifacts, personal rocket packs, and more! Your characters can join or fight against new organizations such as the Royal Marine Rocket Brigades or Interplanetary Shipping and Transport. Welcome to the world of Imperial Jupiter.