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What is a BREAK or BOX BREAKER ?

When GEEK & CO. holds a BREAKER event, it means that we open a Hockey Card box (multiple boxes) live on social media (usually Instagram). We then distribute the cards (expect base cards) to customers who have purchased a participation slot in this event.

Just before opening the box or boxes, we randomly assign an NHL team to each participant. For example, slot 1 might get the Anaheim Ducks. This means the person who bought slot 1 would get all the Anaheim Ducks cards from the box.

Breaks are an inexpensive way to get products that aren't otherwise affordable to everyone.


Which SLOT should I take?

It doesn't matter which slot number you take as the teams are randomly distributed before the boxes are opened. Thus, taking slot '1' or slot '15' does not change anything.

Am I guaranteed to get cards on a break?

It is not guaranteed that you will get cards during our breaks. However, if you participate in a break with several boxes, you greatly increase your chances of getting cards.

When do you ship the cards?

We ship the cards within 4 business days of your break. We ship the cards by Canada Post with stamped envelopes.