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Kamigami Battles: A True Gem for Fans of Anime and Gaming

Kamigami Battles: A True Gem for Fans of Anime and Gaming

Greetings Fellow Geeks!

Released a few years ago by Japanime games, Kamigami Battles has developed a small but hardcore group of fans. I am hoping this post will get more people into this really cool game.

The artwork will really appeal to fans of Anime!

Kamigami means GODS or DIVINES in Japanese...and is truly an apt name for this new gaming line. 

In this game, you will play as one of the Gods of mythology competing for dominion over the realm. You will recruit ancient Warriors and Disciples to fight in epic battles against the Gods trying to conquer your world!

Each God has a pool of life force called energy, and by reducing a God to 0 energy, you can either kill or seal that God away!

Players can choose to pair up with their friends in Team Match or wage war on all those who oppose them in Free-For-All.

In a Team Match, 4 or 6 players team up in pairs of two, with one player the Main God and the other the Support God, to be the last standing after eliminating all of the opposing Main Gods.

In Free-for-All, 2 to 6 players battle for dominance by either eliminating all other Gods or by being first to reach 25 energy. 

So far, 2 sets have been released:

Each set can be played independently, or combined together.

I hope you give this game a try.

Keep in Geeking!

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