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REVIEW: The Naruto Boruto Card Game - by Bandai & Chrono Clash

REVIEW: The Naruto Boruto Card Game - by Bandai & Chrono Clash

Greetings fellow geeks!

Late last year, we saw the released of a very interesting card game based on Naruto characters. This game is similar in play to games like Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!

I feel this game did not get the exposure it deserved, so I thought I'd post a review in the hopes that Naruto fans will give it a try.


So far, 2 sets of the game have been released:

  • Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Set (NB-01)
  • Naruto Shippuden & Boruto Set (NB-02)

Each sets plays the same way, but features different cards. Both sets are also compatible, so you can mix and match the cards from the different sets.

What's cool about these box sets is that they come with everything you need to start playing with a friend (or frenemy) right away. In additions to coming with a full deck for each player, each set also comes with 2 packs of additional cards that you can insert in your deck to vary your play.


The artwork on the cards looks amazing. I've included a few samples below. I'm not sure if the art was created specifically for this game or was taken from other media (I would need confirmation of this from die-hard fans). Nonetheless, each cards looks super dynamic and really matches the action of the game.


In some ways, this gameplay is similar to that of Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh in the sence that you've got Attacks vs Defence battles. It also has action cards similar to 'instants' in MTG. 

What's different about this game is the introduction of the 'Chrono Clash' system. Basically, the cost of the card moves the marker towards the opponent's side, and when it goes over 1, then it's your opponent's turn!

It takes a few turns to get used to this new system, but once you get it, it's easy and fun.

I found a great video here that explain the gameplay:


This game is actually compatible with other Chrono-Clash sets. Released so for is...Godzilla! That's right, you can have Naruto go head-to-head with the king of lizards. The next release is with Evangelion (I am not familiar with that specific anime, but it looks like robot/transformer theme saga).


That's it for this review. I hope you guys give this game a try. The sets can be a bit hard to find, so I've included links below.

Stay Geeky!




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